Operator Chargebacks
(Consumer Refunds) FAQs

Q: What is a consumer refund chargeback (payment dispute)?

A: A chargeback, also referred to as a payment dispute, occurs when a cardholder questions a transaction and asks their card-issuing bank to reverse it. The ability for consumers to dispute a payment protects them from unauthorized transactions.

Q: What qualifies as a chargeback (common causes)?

A: There are various forms of transactions that can be categorized as a chargeback. It usually starts with the cardholder seeing a charge from a business they don’t recognize, meaning they believe it to be a fraudulent charge.

Q: With what frequency will chargebacks be applied for Cantaloupe customers?

A: Cantaloupe receives chargebacks from card processors daily. The chargebacks will then be updated into the Cantaloupe customer’s account on a weekly basis. The chargeback amounts will automatically come out of the customer’s next scheduled EFT or displayed directly on the customer’s emailed/mailed invoice.

Q: Where or how can I reconcile (what reports)?

A: For customers using Seed Live:

  1. Log into Seed Live
  2. Go to Reports
  3. Run the Payment Summary Report
  4. View the “Refunds/Chargebacks” column to see any refunds or chargeback amounts.

Note: All emailed/mailed invoices will have a line item displaying chargeback amounts. If a customer has a question on their chargebacks, they can reach out to their account manager for further details.

Q: What if I want to dispute a chargeback?

A: Customers have the option to dispute specific chargeback transactions, and can reach out to their Cantaloupe account representative or [email protected] to learn more. In order to resolve the dispute, the card processor may request documentation to prove the legitimacy of the transactions. If the card processor rules in the merchant’s favor (operator), the transaction stands. If the card processor rules in the customer’s favor (consumer), a dispute fee will need to be paid, in addition to the disputed transaction amount. The dispute fee is $5.00 for each dispute. 

Q: What can I do to reduce the risks of chargebacks?

A: It is very important to make sure you have the correct zip code setup in the location information in Seed Live. The zip code that is set up under the location information of the device controls the city and state that will show up on the cardholder’s statement. There are two ways you can look this information up. Go to general -> devices and look up individual devices on this page. Here’s a short video to help out.

To access this information and make changes in bulk, just go to configuration -> mass updates -> mass device update -> and click the “current active devices” link near the top of the page.

B: Make sure your “Doing Business As” is set up the way you want your company name to show on the card holder’s statement. To access this, go to configuration -> preferences, and you’ll see it at the top of this page. This controls all devices on your account. You can REVIEW this at a device level on the devices page IN the “Override Doing Business As”. To change your DBA, please email [email protected] with your request, including the DBA you would prefer to be listed.

C: Custom velocity settings can be applied to devices, which trigger the machine to stop accepting transactions, based on variables of too many happening at a given time. To learn more about velocity device settings please contact Customer Service at [email protected] or call at 888-561-4748, as there as some regulations with the information you can use.