Security FAQs

Q: Is safe to use my credit card at a Cantaloupe card reader?

A: All of Cantaloupe’s cashless acceptance products go through third-party testing and validation, and the network we maintain to facilitate communication with our devices  is validated against the PCI SSC’s (PCI Security Standards Council) strict regulations. The PCI Security Standards Council sets the standards that payment system vendors must follow when developing hardware and software. Cantaloupe’s network is PCI DSS approved and is recertified annually.

Q: What is point-to-point encryption, and why is it important?

A: Security is paramount at Cantaloupe. We use point-to-point encryption to protect your card information when you use your card at one of our card readers. The card data is protected from the point of purchase all the way to the credit card processing company and back through Cantaloupe’s network. This prevents sensitive card data from being stored at the point of acceptance or from being intercepted in transit.

Q: Is Cantaloupe PCI-DSS compliant?

A: Yes. Cantaloupe is annually certified by Trustwave and Visa for PCI compliance. Cantaloupe is PCI-DSS – Level 1 – Service Provider certified. You can locate additional information on Visa’s website.