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Irresistible offers for exceptional experiences.

Cantaloupe’s MORE loyalty program provides unattended retailers the ability to delight consumers with value-added rewards, driving new revenue streams and increased engagement.

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Reward customers and build lifetime loyalty.

Cantaloupe empowers unattended retailers to engage consumers like never before through targeted promotions at the point-of-sale and direct messages sent to mobile devices that serve up highly relevant rewards and offers. Our platform allows businesses to launch reward programs through Cantaloupe’s MORE loyalty program to maximize ease of adoption for your business.

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Form meaningful relationships with customers.

Cantaloupe loyalty programs empower you to reward your most loyal consumers through timely offers and incentives based on consumers personalized interests and purchase history to drive long-lasting loyalty and retention.

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Drive value with data-driven rewarding.

By leveraging customer-specific data, your loyalty programs can serve up relevant promotions to customer’s mobile devices to encourage them to make a purchase, or leverage interactive screens at the point of sale to capitalize on strategic up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.


Connect your customers with MORE.

With Cantaloupe’s MORE loyalty program, business’ like yours can quickly launch consumer loyalty programs that offer an easy registration process, targeted promotion deployment, and mobile wallet stored value-card for greater consumer satisfaction.

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Integrate your existing loyalty programs.

The Cantaloupe platform can leverage integrations to existing loyalty programs, seamlessly allowing businesses to transfer rewards program data onto their platform without impacting experiences for customers.

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To satisfy consumers with timely and relevant rewards offerings, ask us about Cantaloupe’s MORE loyalty programs that enables you to harness consumer data to drive exceptional, repeatable experiences that encourage consumers to come back again and again.

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