Quick Connect

Unlock cashless payments for any unattended terminal.

Unleash ePort Connect services with Quick Connect, Cantaloupe’s API web-service for connecting your POS system to the cloud for real-time sales data and competitive processing rates.

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3rd party physical applications

Process cashless payments on any web-connected POS.

cashless payment options

Upgrade your unattended terminal to accept cashless payments.

Our API web-service allows your POS terminal to communicate with our ePort Connect cloud-based services for processing cashless payments including card, digital wallet, and NFC to optimize convenience for your consumers.

debit and credit cards

Receive preferred processing rates.

Access merchant account services for seamless management of separate payment processors—from card providers such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express to mobile payments, and digital wallets. Receive competitive pricing to ensure you maximize revenue from every purchase.

streamline transaction processing

Streamline transaction processing and billing across business types.

Quick Connect compiles transactions into a single bill across all your business types—such as vending, micro markets, office coffee—for a holistic view of processing fees and payments. Eliminate time reconciling between systems and bank accounts with one automatic deposit.

sales transparency data on mobile device

Unlock robust transaction data for sales transparency.

Quick Connect collects real-time sales data into a comprehensive view in ePort Connect to enable greater insight into payment types, sales performance, and overall profitability across your unattended operation.