Empowering stadiums, festivals, and venues across the country.

Watch how the Washington Commanders leverage CHEQ to drive additional revenue streams and streamline their entire operations.

Real-time updates for on-the-fly changes.

Make instant changes, from menu adjustments to updating inventory or removing items across all revenue locations – stay agile with CHEQ’s real-time interface for fast, efficient, and quick updates anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive reporting for automating key business decisions.

With access to real-time data, you can view transaction trends, POS/staff performance, and sales history. Easily perform refunds with a click of a button – no more sifting through data, we make it easy using the CHEQ platform. 

Unlock insights about your attendees to drive additional revenue.

Using a mobile-first platform gives you access to your customers anywhere they are. Send push notifications, offers to attend upcoming events, and tailored promotions based on purchase habits or trends.

Effortless POS training for every staff member.

Say goodbye to lengthy training manuals. With CHEQ solutions, event staff can quickly master POS operations within minutes. From POS terminals to handheld devices and rapid mobile ordering pick-up, processing orders becomes a breeze.

Tailored solutions for every event.

We provide an extensive array of integrations tailored to your unique needs, collaborating closely with you to ensure seamless compatibility and personalized solutions for your business.

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