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Podcast Show Notes

UR Tech Insiders Podcast E11 - Cantaloupe ft Elyssa Steiner

Episode 11: Leaders in Payments: Elyssa Steiner, VP of Marketing at Cantaloupe | Episode 118 (9/22/21)

Reshared Podcast ft. Greg Myers (Leaders in Payments Podcast Host) and Elyssa Steiner, VP of Marketing (Cantaloupe, Inc.)

Leaders in Payment podcast host Greg Myers features VP of Marketing, Elyssa Steiner (Cantaloupe, Inc.) in its 118th podcast episode. Together, they take a look at the Unattended Retail space.  On this episode Elyssa Steiner discusses the results of Cantaloupe’s recent survey which targeted more than 2,000 census-based US adults. Greg and Elyssa talk about some of the surprises compared to last year, some of the latest trends, micro markets and much much more.


Episode 10: The Year of the Touchscreen: How New Readers Are Gearing Up to Change the Vending Landscape (7/30/21)

Podcast ft. Anant Agrawal, CRO, Bill Bartholic, Regional Sales Director, Adrian Austin, Director of Product Marketing (Cantaloupe, Inc.), with Special Guest – Ken Jenkins, President (Vend Pro)

While retrofitting machines with touchscreen card readers is nothing new to vending operators, advancements in screen technology and sweeping changes in consumer behavior due to COVID has set the stage for the next generation of readers to be perfectly positioned to meet customers’ needs.

Tune in to hear how the newest touchscreen readers are being used by some of the nation’s leading vending operators to attain micro market-style

What You’ll Learn:

  • How touchscreen readers drive more customer engagement.
  • How to attain micro market level functionality on vending machines.
  • Why post-COVID consumers are attracted to touchscreens.
  • NEW product announcement from Cantaloupe.

For more information on pre-ordering the ePort Engage, click here.


Episode 09: Leaders in Payments: Sean Feeney, CEO at Cantaloupe | Episode 90 (5/26/21)

Reshared Podcast ft. Greg Myers (Leaders in Payments Podcast Host) and Sean Feeney, CEO (Cantaloupe, Inc.)

Leaders in Payments podcast host Greg Myers features CEO, Sean Feeney (Cantaloupe, Inc.) in its 90th podcast episode. Together, they discuss Cantaloupe’s business and innovation in the unattended retail market. You’ll also get to know more about (former) CEO, Sean Feeney, including why he left retirement to work for Cantaloupe and what he’s most passionate about today.

Tune into hear Sean speak on the following hot topics:

  • Rebranding to Cantaloupe
  • Business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Company longevity and innovation
  • Accepting crypto payments


Episode 08: Everything Unattended Retailers Should Know About 3G, 4G, and Beyond (4/27/21)

Podcast ft. Jodi Bogen, Senior Manager (Verizon), Aaron Feitner, IoT Client Partner (Verizon), and Elyssa Steiner, VP of Marketing (Cantaloupe, Inc.)

The approaching sunset of the 3G cellular network has left many unattended retail operators unsure what this change means for their business. We went to the source and sat down with the experts at Verizon to get you the answers you need to stay informed on the upgrade to 4G.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why are these networks changing now?
  • How is the 4G different than 3G, and how will it benefit businesses?
  • Should unattended retailers be thinking about spending extra for 5G?
  • How should I plan for my 4G device upgrades?


Episode 07: EMV Acceptance in Unattended Retail (2/17/21)

Podcast ft. Danielle Bataglia (General Manager of Digital Acceptance at Discover Global Network) and Elyssa Steiner (Cantaloupe)

It’s no secret contactless payments are on the rise, but did you know that a majority of these tap to pay methods are done with an EMV enabled card? As the momentum continues, operators need a clear understanding of the importance in accepting EMV payments and why now is the time to invest. In this episode, we bring in industry expert and payment enthusiast Danielle Bataglia to discuss:

  • What is EMV and its role in the payment ecosystem
  • Growth trends in EMV contactless payments
  • How investing in technology can protect your business


Episode 06: The Shift to Digital Payments: A Surge in Contactless Payment Adoption (12/9/20)

Podcast ft. Bill Dobbins (SVP of New & Emerging Payment Acceptance at Visa) and Elyssa Steiner (Cantaloupe)

The global pandemic of 2020 has had a significant impact on industries across the U.S. As businesses shift to adapt, COVID-19 has become the catalyst for growth in contactless payments. In this podcast, we welcome Bill Dobbins for a conversation around the payment trends in a post-COVID world, including how contactless payments will help drive the economic recovery and how retailers are adapting for the future.

In this podcast you will:

  • Learn about payment trends in retail and unattended
  • Hear about the acceleration of cashless/contactless payment options
  • Explore the impact of going cashless


Episode 05: Mythbusters Series: Setting the Facts Straight on 3G Sunsets (Part 2) (12/2/20)

Podcast ft. Bill Bartholic and Elyssa Steiner (Cantaloupe)

Elyssa Steiner, VP of Marketing, continues her discussion with Bill Bartholic to dispel some of the myths around 3G sunsets and the move to 4G LTE for the small ticket unattended retail market.

Myths being fact-checked in this episode:

• Myth #5: I have to upgrade both my telemeter and card reader to 4G in order to accept EMV by April 2021.
• Myth #6: I’m required to accept both EMV contact and EMV contactless, even in the vending channel.
• Myth #7: Magnetic stripe “swipe” will no longer work sometime in early 2021.
• Myth #8: Limited cashless providers offer EMV enabled card readers.



Episode 04: Mythbusters Series: Setting the Facts Straight on 3G Sunsets (Part 1) (11/19/20)

Podcast ft. Bill Bartholic and Elyssa Steiner (Cantaloupe)

We’re diving into 3G sunsets and the move to 4G LTE for the small ticket unattended retail market. There is a ton of information in the market today around this topic, but much of it can be either misleading or wrongfully positioned to scare operators into making costly decisions. Bill Bartholic, a long-time industry veteran whose served in the unattended retail space for 23 years, serving as an operator for 20 years, will help us dispel some of those myths.

Myths being fact-checked in this episode:

• Myth #1: All 3G devices are sunsetting by the end of 2020.
• Myth #2: All 3G devices must be upgraded by the end of 2020.
• Myth #3: 4G is going to end of life soon.
• Myth #4: Unattended retailers, specifically vending operators, should invest in 5G.



Episode 03: Overcoming the New Challenges of OCS (10/21/20)

Podcast ft. Duncan Smith (All Star Services), Susan Butler (Cantaloupe), and Alex Buck (Cantaloupe)

“Business as usual” is changing for Office Coffee Services – How are you adapting your business to change with it?
All of the unattended retail industry has felt effects from COVID-19, but OCS is feeling particularly strong tremors from this shift. While there is no magic bullet that operators can employ to fix these disruptions, there are a few novel ways of operating that we believe are worth exploring that can enable them to provide better service, and utilize successful operations management.

What You’ll Learn:
• How to manage different delivery instructions between customers.
• What Touchless Delivery is, and why you should consider offering it.
• Where experts think OCS will be in 6-months.
Seed Delivery’s newest tools for managing OCS operations.


Episode 02: How COVID-19 is Accelerating Cashless Payments in Unattended Retail (10/7/20)

The New Normal 2020 Podcast ft. Jason Yeung (Adaria Vending) and Elyssa Steiner (Cantaloupe)

• Why they implemented card readers across their entire business
• The benefits and ROI from offering cashless payments
• Their experience testing cashless only locations, and the early results
• How COVID has accelerated consumers’ adoption of contactless payments
• What he predicts the future will look like for unattended retail


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