AI Merchandising

Intelligently merchandise your machines with HIVERY EnhanceTM

HIVERY Enhance integrates with Seed Pro using data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize your machines and maximize your revenue potential.

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Simultaneously optimize product mix and par-level at the machine level.

Create customized planograms for each and every vending machine in your entire fleet within seconds while also incorporating your operational rules and constraints.

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Simply & Strategically Merchandise your Machines. Seamless Implementation.

HIVERY automatically selects your best machines to merchandise

  • Once your catalogue is scanned, with one click HIVERY uses their algorithm to recommend what machines you should merchandise
  • Generate the optimal product mix for each machine by removing poor performers and replacing them with better, higher performing products
  • Automatically considers the entire product mix at a full bank of machines—not just one machine at a time

Maximize your revenue potential

  • Leverage HIVERY Enhance’s artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest the products with the highest probability of selling success
  • Discover which machines will benefit from introducing new products
  • Understand the impact of cannibalization (positive or negative) on sales revenue for each suggested change

Reduce restocking trips

  • Identify opportunities to optimize space to sales to make machines stay full longer
  • Receive optimum par-level recommendations to minimize out-of-stock items
  • See how you can reduce labor costs without sacrificing quality of service

Seamless integration with Seed Pro

  • Speedy implementation allows use within one month
  • Requires minimal training once implemented
  • Leverage your existing Seed data
  • See results in as quickly as 6 weeks

AI Merchandising Features

‘What if’ scenario planner

View estimated impacts of product changes before you make them.

Rule management

Apply specific rules to individual vending machines, locations, or routes.

Easy, intuitive interface

Experience how the user interface is simple and easy for a new user to learn quickly.

Space-to-sales optimizer

Optimize space to sales and reduce your restock costs. Receive suggestions on the optimum par-level to minimize out-of-stocks.

Product recommender

Receive custom recommendations for the right mix of vending products by having HIVERY remove poor performers and replace them with better alternatives.

Cannibalization optimization

Generate additional revenue by removing or adding selected products by modelling the cannibalization effect.

New product development explorer

See locations that have the highest revenue opportunity to deploy new products.

Audit transparency

View the workflow history for each vending machine including when, who, and what changes have been approved.

Compliance tracking

Gain full visibility over the details of which products in vending machines have been executed to match HIVERY’s suggestions.

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Explore the benefits of HIVERY Enhance for your vending business

Launch your business to the next level by leveraging artificial intelligence to maximize revenue, efficiency, and product merchandising optimization. The future of product merchandising is here, book a demo to see how AI merchandising can work in your operation.