Micro Markets

Increased options for consumers. Streamlined operations for you.

Enhance your micro market business with faster service stops, cashless payments, and data-driven merchandising.

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micro markets

Run your micro market business better than ever before.

streamlined routes

Combine routes to streamline service schedules.

Eliminate guesswork and save time by leveraging data to automatically generate optimized schedules that combine multiple lines of business onto one efficient route.

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data chart

Simplify reporting across all lines of business.

Tap into one set of tools to quickly generate business and financial reports that pull data from all your business verticals—with on-the-go access to meaningful metrics for technicians, drivers, and back-office operators.

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mobile device planogram

Optimize service visits to save time and money.

Use an iOS mobile device or tablet to easily provide drivers with planograms and inventory tools for servicing locations as efficiently as possible. Reduce micro market inventories down to 15 minutes or less.

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cashless payment option

Securely accept and process cashless payments.

Accept mobile wallet, magstripe, or chip-card cashless payments securely with a PCI compliant platform that protects you and your consumers’ data. Leverage one processor for all your cashless needs.

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Digitizing Your Micro Markets

The most prominent growing segment within convenience services was micro markets, growing in revenue 154.1% from 2014 to 2016.

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