Quick Service Restaurants

Swift food.
Meet fast checkouts.

Cut down on lines, expedite service and reward consumers with an ordering and checkout experience that’s as powerful as it is painless.

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quick service restaurants

Serve up an experience they’ll enjoy.

Accept any payment for any appetite.

Don’t let picky payment options get in the way of what you serve up. Accept any cashless payment, securely, and let your consumers pay their way via tap, chip, swipe, as well as Apple and Google Pay.

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mobile ordering

Mobile ordering that puts the ‘out’ in takeout.

It doesn’t get much faster or more convenient than a mobile experience that lets your diners order before they arrive.

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live sales data

Slice and dice your sales data.

Easily and quickly access live sales insights and generate decision-powering reports on purchases made at your restaurant.

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reward loyal customers

Bring them back with a loyalty program that delights.

Build and serve a rewards program directly in the point of sale that incentivizes return visits with custom coupons, discounts and more.

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Resources for the hospitality manager in you.

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38% of consumers would like to try non-traditional, unattended shopping experiences.

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