The Top 10 Reasons to Work @Cantaloupe

Interested in joining our team? Discover some of the reasons our team loves working at Cantaloupe.

1. You’ll tap into exciting opportunities for development and growth.

At Cantaloupe, the sky is the limit. We offer our growing team ample room to learn new things, explore exciting opportunities, become experts in the field, and advance as they achieve more. 

2. You’ll have access to best-in-class benefits.

We offer great benefits—besides having the best-stocked snacks, of course! From paid time off and a 401 (k) plan to medical and dental insurance, we provide our team members a competitive suite of benefits.

3. You’ll be surrounded by the brightest minds in the business.

We believe in thinking outside of the box. Our team of industry leaders is perpetually pushing the bounds of possibility and looking for innovative minds to bring new ideas to the table.

4. You’ll embark on an exciting career journey.

We work in an ever-evolving industry that is reshaping the way the world buys and sells. Joining our team will be the beginning of a fulfilling career.

5. You’ll work hard and play harder with us.

Did we mention we like fun? We love what we do and prioritize a culture of support and collaboration with a team of passionate people, making it all the more exciting to come into work every day.

6. You’ll be an integral part of our team from day one.

We believe that every voice matters and should be heard. At Cantaloupe, our diversity and inclusion enables everyone to make a real and profound impact on our business. 

7. You’ll belong to a dynamic work environment.

As technology changes, so too does the world of unattended retail. You’ll be working in an exciting and collaborative environment that provides the tools you need to achieve your very best.

8. You’ll have work-life balance.

While others may say it, we mean it. We understand the importance of life outside of the office, and so we enable you to make the most out of your time at work while making free time a priority, as well. 

9. You’ll be able to use your talents and be rewarded for doing so.

Hard work is noticed and rewarded. We recognize that offering the best solutions relies on having the best people on our team. That’s why we work to empower and motivate you each and every day.

10. You’ll get a front row seat to the future of unattended transactions.

We operate at the forefront of greatness. From working with the payment innovations of tomorrow to offering a comprehensive suite of technology to optimize and automate operations, we’re trailblazing the future of unattended retail, and you can be a part of the process.