Operator FAQs

Q: Why am I not receiving my reports?

A: Please review our Whitelisting Instructions to fix this issue.

Q: Where can I check on the order status of a recently placed order of ePorts or Seed devices?

A: Please email orders@cantaloupe.com with your company name and order number to check on order status.

Q: How do I return equipment to Cantaloupe?

A: Please see here for our latest Return Merchandise Authorization Procedure (RMA)- link to latest RMA Procedure doc

Q: How do I activate or deactivate one of my cashless devices?

A: To request an activation please email device numbers to activations@cantaloupe.com. To request a deactivation, you can email deactivations@cantaloupe.com. To follow-up with an existing deactivation request please contact Cantaloupe support (800-227-3657) with reference to the case number you would have received when your request was submitted. Please note, for off-contract Seed devices, you can deactivate within the Seed software.

Q: How do I transfer a device?

A: Please email the device numbers to transfers@cantaloupe.com and reference our Cantaloupe Transfer Guidelines. (Link to updated Transfer Guidelines)

Q: I am a Greenlite customer, who should I contact for support?

A: All Greenlite customers must contact VendNet Support at 800-833-4411

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about my bill?

A: If you have less than 400 machines, please contact customer support (800-227-3657). If you have over 400 machines, please reach out to your dedicated account manager.

Q: I am interested in learning more about Seed software, do you have any information available online?

A: Please visit our Products page on usatech.com to learn more about our Seed Software. Visit our Contact Sales to request additional information based on your business needs.