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COVID, Cashless, Coils, and Challenges: Looking Back on UR Summit 2020

May 15, 2020 | By Kelly Chang

COVID, Cashless, Coils, and Challenges: Looking Back on UR Summit 2020

Pandemic life has changed the way we “attend” conferences in 2020. Adapting to the new virtual landscape, USA Technologies held its first unattended retail virtual summit. Led by a variety of industry experts, the session topics were diverse, and highlighted trends and insights as well as practical use cases that attendees could apply to their own businesses. Each session was created to offer solutions to challenges that business owners and operators are facing in 2020.

Adapting Your Business to COVID-19

So, how do you adjust service schedules or find new ways to create additional opportunities during a pandemic? Experts, Jason Pardue (USAT) and C. J. Recher (Five Star Food Service), explored how to create new opportunities for business sustainability. Recher focused on making scheduling more agile, adjusting to items with longer shelf lives, and new sanitation strategies. “There is no instruction manual for this. But we are learning how to tackle the situation together,” said C. J. Recher. Discover how you can further adapt your business from this session.


The Market Growth Potential of High Value Unattended Goods and Services

PYMNTS and USA Technologies surveyed 2,325 U.S. consumers about their experiences when shopping via unattended retail channels and their interest in using them going forward. Elyssa Steiner and Brian Fischer (USAT) speak to consumerism in unattended retail and what different generations are looking to purchase and how. “The future of retail is really moving to unattended given the environment and realities of COVID-19. Our customer’s are positioned well to expand into more unattended retail services as society starts preferring these methods of buying goods,” said Elyssa Steiner. Explore the trends in contactless payments and product preferences that consumers are seeking in unattended retail machines.


Optimize Routes and Machine Performance with Logistics Software

A recent study performed by Michigan State University shows how dynamic scheduling leads to maximum fill rates with minimum sellout, minimizes machine and coil downtime, and gives you the ability to merchandise machines effectively. Bob Hurley (USAT) discusses how you can run a proactive business based on the findings of this MSU study & how route optimization makes your business more efficient. Jonathan and Keith Abernathy (Empire Vending) lived & breathed the experience of implementing a logistics software, and prove that they are a prime example of a smaller operation that invested in technology, which, in turn, helped them increase their routes and their revenue. Learn how logistics software can help run your operation more efficiently.


Overcoming Small Operator Challenges with Smart Technology

Severin Beale and James Fabacher (USAT) focused on how important it is for smaller operators to add technology to their business. According to Beale, “Many small operators, that are not utilizing technology, are scheduling and merchandising off what they are used to doing and relying on how demand used to be. This is just not an optimal way to do business.” When in reality, software tools can be a valuable resource to any business, especially smaller ones that are managed on limited capital, to ensure they run as efficiently as possible. See how technology can optimize your service schedules and merchandising.


If you’re looking for ways to adapt your business to contactless payments or increase efficiency, contact us for more information about our cashless devices or our cloud-based Seed software.


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