Actionable data for automating thousands of decisions.

Simplify daily tasks and optimize business processes with machine learning, dynamic scheduling, and artificial intelligence for running a smarter business.

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Actionable data for automating decisions

Drive business growth through data intelligence.

predictive chart showing growth

Leverage machine learning for predictive business growth.

Using historical and real-time sales data, Seed predicts what products need to be stocked, at what time, and by how many. With features like Merchandising Wizard, you can easily automate product-level changes to maximize sales at your locations.

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optimizing route logistics

Optimize route logistics with dynamic scheduling.

With location-level insights and predictive analytics, Seed uses Dynamic Scheduling to build optimal route schedules daily. Save time and money by only servicing locations that need service, ensuring your running routes as efficiently as possible.

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merchandising artificial intelligence

Eliminate the guesswork with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for merchandising.

Through Cantaloupe’s integrations, businesses get access to advanced artificial intelligence tools that look at machine sales data to recommend the perfect product mix. Know where and when to merchandise product like never before.


single reporting interface

Improve performance with a single reporting interface.

Easily report on sales, inventory, cash, warehouse, and routes to keep track of your business’ growth and stay on top of profitability, merchandising, and reordering. Leverage Seed Spotlight to build and share customized reports without any technical skills needed.

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Resources for the data analyst in you.

38% of consumers would like to try non-traditional, unattended shopping experiences.

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