Route Optimization

Service better by scheduling smarter.

Harness data to optimize service routes, reduce costs, and grow sales across all of your locations.

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decrease in costs
due to Dynamic Scheduling

Reduce costs associated with inefficient routes and unnecessary stops.

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reduction in expenses
from Real Time Pre-Kitting

Decrease operational expenses by eliminating bring backs and saving time.

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increase in revenue
with Intelligent Merchandising

Realize more revenue from each asset by optimizing planograms.

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Bring dynamic route optimization to your business.

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Seed Pro Schedules and Picks

Know exactly what to bring.

View and manage your inventory in-real-time so that you know exactly what and how much to bring to every location. Save time and money by generating accurate pre-kitted orders that take the guesswork out of replenishment.

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Generate optimized schedules in minutes.

Leverage historical, real-time, and predictive demand data to dynamically prioritize which machines need to be serviced. Eliminate sell-outs and wasted trips by automatically generating service schedules, and monitoring machine performance around the clock.

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Seed Pro Easier Scheduling Optimized Schedules

Seed Pro Easier Scheduling Route Management

Simplify route management.

Enable hybrid routes to combine different service types such as vending, micro markets, or office coffee services for maximum logistical efficiency. Eliminate multiple drivers stopping at the same location for different account services.

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To optimize service in your business, ask us about SeedPro™, a cloud-based vending intelligence solution that makes data actionable to improve efficiency and grow sales.

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Resources for the optimizer in you.

Over the first 18 months that machines were equipped with cashless technology, top line sales increased 35%.

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3 Fundamental Ways to Route Scheduling A detailed guide on scheduling routes in vending operations