Warehouse Management

Take back control of your inventory.

Minimize shrink and maximize efficiency by gaining greater insight and control over your warehouse operation.

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of warehouses
say human error is their top issue.

Empower your team with intuitive inventory management and tracking software.

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in the likelihood that warehouse inventory accuracy is 99% or higher.

Gain critical insight into warehouse inventory and performance to optimize inventory usage and employee time.

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gain in efficiency
of stock use occurs when an operation upgrades from a manual inventory process to an integrated system.

Understand inventory levels and operational needs to minimize shrinkage.

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warehouse management

Create transparency across your warehouse and back-office management.

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monitor inventory

Monitor inventory from the warehouse to the customer.

Understand stocking needs across your locations and inventory levels available in warehouses to ensure inventory is used efficiently. Eliminate excess product in the warehouse and maximize output by understanding stocking and servicing requirements.

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Ensure complete accountability across your operation.

Remotely track inventory in machines, warehouses, and trucks in order to prevent shrinkage and product spoilage. Reconcile cash collected from machines with cash counted in your money room and cashless deposits in your back account, to rapidly identify and resolve discrepancies.

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ensure accountability

simplify back-office management

Simplify back-office management.

Streamline warehouse management and increase employee efficiency with intelligent inventory management capabilities that simplify reordering, merchandising, and servicing, and store commonly used reports for future ease of access.

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seed office

To unleash greater insight into your warehouse operation, ask us about Seed Office, our cloud-based vending management system that equips you with the critical data needed to streamline accountability, optimize reporting, and scale your business.

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Go Cashless, Reduce Costs

A shift to cashless could save you around $30,000 annually in labor costs.

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6 ways to reduce operational costs